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Upcoming Events

January 24, 2015, 9 am

Joint study time of Session and Deacons followed by lunch
and Business Meetings

January 25, 2015

Sunday worship will be lead by the Rev. Jon Hauerwas, returning from Study Leave. Welcome home Jon, Kara and Liam!
Congregational Annual Meeting follows worship.

February 1, 2015, 10:30 am

Communion Sunday ~ everyone welcome!

"Souper Bowl" Sunday: (Go Seahawks!) The youth will be collecting food and monetary donations for charity. There will be a bin for each Super Bowl team, bring something to show support for your favorite team and contribute to a good cause!

President's Day Weekend Tall Timber Retreat 2/13/15

This year marks the 20th anniversary of St James’ Tall Timber Retreat. We will be sharing fun and fellowship with members of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Olympia, including some former St James members.

Everyone is welcome!  Please feel free to bring along a friend or family member.  Do not think you are too old or young to come along; you can always relax and enjoy the beautiful views from the lodge if you are not feeling energetic.

It begins on Friday February 13th after dinner through Monday February 16th after brunch. If enough people are interested, we will have a Friday dinner option for an extra fee or a potluck for Friday evening. If arranged ahead of time, you can come early and stay Thursday night.

Reasonable cost: $121 per person for the weekend, including food and lodging  - but only $60.50 for children ages 5-10, children ages 4 and under are free. Meals include breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday and Sunday, and brunch on Monday.  

Optional Winter recreation fee adds $10 per person for the weekend if you would like to use the tube hill, skate park, or borrow snow shoes or cross country skis.

For more information, please contact as soon as possible:  Teresa Bowers 671-5280 or (And thanks to Tess and her family for taking the lead on this!)

Saint James Presbyterian Church


Message from Jon








New hymnals to begin the new year! 

Starting in January, our worship together will be enhanced with Glory to God, the new Presbyterian hymn book. Times change, and trends in hymnody along with them. Over the century and a half since Presbyterians began singing hymns “of human composure” in worship and not just metered, rhyming versions of the divinely inspired Psalms of David, numerous texts and tunes—like “A Few More Years Shall Roll”—have come and gone. We have wrung out the old in eliminating such once-valued songs as "Ah! Wretched, Vile Ungrateful Heart; "How Condescencing and How Kind was God's Eternal Son; "Quiet, Lord, My Froward heart" (foward, the opposite of to-ward, once meant something along the lines of perverse or turned away from God). Typically, in fact, about half of the contents one hymnal go by the wayside when it's successor comes onlto the scene. But by the same token, about half of the contents remain. Numerous texts and tunes have also come and stayed, gaining such long-lived popularity that since the date of their introduction they have appeared in every subsequent denominational collection of worship songs. "Beneath the Cross of Jeasus" cannot be found in the 1874 Presbyterian hymnal, but once it came to light in 1895, it became a constant companion.
"O Beautiful for Spacious Skies" made its debut in the 1927 hymnal of the southern Presbyterian church and "Be Thou My Vision," in the northern church's hymnal of 1933; we would be unlikely now to have a hymnal without etierh. "God of Grace and God of Glory" and "I Greet Thee Who My Sure Redeemer Art" made their initial appearances in 1055; "Go Tell It on the Mountain" and " Lord of the Dance," in 1975; "Here I Am, Lord and other examples from the introductory exercise were "new" to Presbyterians in 1990, but are already showing signs of longevity. We do well to remind ourselves that every hymn was new once upon a time; were it not for regular hymnal revisions, our congregations would not have access to such new songs to sing. Our Sunday morning worship would still resound with the strains of "Stay, Thou Insulted Spirit, Stay" from the hymnal of 1874, and not "Spirit of the Living God, Fall Afresh on me," which was written in 1935 and not included in a Presbyterian hymnal until 1990. Or perhaps, instead, without a steady cycle of rejuvenation, the singing of hymns would have narrowed to a smaller and smaller number of eighteenth and nineteenth century favorites until even thes classics fell victim to the tedium of overuse. 
If you would like to donate one of these new hymnals in honor, in memory, in appreciation, or in celebration of a loved one, loved ones, or a special group of people you may do so with a donation of $20 to Saint James Presbyterian Church with your instructions about the dedication. Please write Hymnal in the check memo line. We will add the dedication in the front cover as you instruct us.
And, if you would like to take one or more of the retired, blue Presbyerian Hymnals home with you please feel free to do so. We will soon be finding a new home for any that are not taken.



Saint James Presbyterian Church is a beacon on the hill where the people respond to the opportunities that God sets before us. We celebrate our rich past as we continue our journey into the future together. We worship the triune God in our beautiful, traditional sanctuary with music, prayer and learning from the word of God. We joyfully welcome youth and young families into our intergenerational and loving community of faith, nurturing relationships that bridge our differences. We are witnesses to God's presence and the grace of Jesus Christ as we address social justice issues locally and internationally through education and action. We are open and affirming, welcoming all to join us in discipleship.


Archive of Sunday Sermons

Our Sunday morning church service and sermon lessons are made available on the web for the home-bound as well as for those who are curious about the living teachings of Saint James Presbyterian Church.

We hope that you will join us in worship on Sundays whenever you can.

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