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Upcoming Events

Sunday Morning Worship and Communion

August 31, 2015 - Worship at 10:30 AM

Guest Ministers: Message: April Boyden – is a Lutheran Deaconess who currently  serves part-time as a Chaplain at St. Joseph/Peace Health in Bellingham.

Communion: The Rev. Cindy Bauleke, retired Congregational minister and friend of Saint James

 ~Everyone is welcome~

Christian Faith Formation Committee Youth and Families Survey 8/5/15

Survey for Parents of Children Under the Age of Ten

Saint James Presbyterian Church


Message from Jon










"When any organization decides it will seek to save its life by building walls against change, that organization is destined to lose its life, its vitality.”

                                                                                                      -Lovett H. Weems, Jr

Search for an Interim Pastor has begun

          We are so grateful for the time that Jon and his family have been with us at St. James. The Hauerwases have brought us great joy as we have watched Liam grow, Kara become involved in church and community. 

          We continue to learn and develop as Christians at work in community and the world. This new challenge will be met like all others, opening our hearts and minds to the will of God to discern next steps. We will keep some of what is going well and we will be inspired to re-creation in life and take advantage of opportunities still to be revealed.

         The Session is working on an Interim Pastor's call (job description) and will soon review PIFs. We are thinking that the new pastor nominating committee will be starting work in the new year. 

         We offer this time for all to join us in prayerful reflection as we seek to understand God's will.


Our Mission Statement
Saint James Presbyterian Church is a beacon on the hill where the people respond to the opportunities that God sets before us. We celebrate our rich past as we continue our journey into the future together. We worship the triune God in our beautiful, traditional sanctuary with music, prayer and learning from the word of God. We joyfully welcome youth and young families into our intergenerational and loving community of faith, nurturing relationships that bridge our differences. We are witnesses to God's presence and the grace of Jesus Christ as we address social justice issues locally and internationally through education and action. We are open and affirming, welcoming all to join us in discipleship.

Archive of Sunday Sermons

Our Sunday morning church service and sermon lessons are made available on the web for the home-bound as well as for those who are curious about the living teachings of Saint James Presbyterian Church.

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