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Pulse 2016

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Young Adult Fellowship

YAF is for members 20 to 40 years old exploring new activities and hands on service that support their faith. To find out more contact Tracy Caruso via email Tracye (dot) Caruso (at) gmail(dot) com

Upcoming Events

Ash Wednesday Service at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 10.

Sunday Morning Worship, February 14, 2016  

 at 10:30 a.m.

Interim Pastor: The Rev. Janet Sonnanburg

Everyone is welcome

Children join us for the first part of worship and go to classes after "Time with Children." Nursery available at 10:15 AM.


Saint James Presbyterian Church


Contact us

Please call the church office

at 360-733-1325 and our Secretary,

Natasha, will refer you to Pastor Janet, 

help and resources that we provide for

weddings, funerals and other spiritual

and church activities.






Lent arrives early this year, on February 10th. This season calls us to reflect on our lives in light of God’s call to faithfulness. We’re to look honestly, eyes wide open, at those parts of ourselves that don’t quite measure up, and to make the necessary changes in order to be the people God intends us to be.

 The notion of confession rings somewhat hollow for some these days. Ours is a culture of self-affirmation, some might even say of entitlement. Self-affirmation is a good thing to be sure, and we’re confident that God loves and affirms us. Yet we all know, at some level, that we’re not the people we’re meant to be: not as honest, not as trustworthy, not as genuine, not as patient, not as compassionate as God calls us to be. Lent is a time to think about these things, and hopefully to start on a path toward greater authenticity and deeper faithfulness.

I invite you to join us for our Ash Wednesday service, at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 10. There we will receive the sign of the cross, marked with ashes. Ashes are a sign of our mortality, and also a symbol of penitence. As such, they signal our entry into this season. I also invite you join us for our weekly worship, Sundays at 10:30 a.m. During Lent our readings will follow Jesus as he journeys toward the cross. And when we have completed our Lenten journey, I hope you will join us for worship on Easter Sunday, when we will joyfully celebrate the good news of the resurrection, God’s triumph even over the power of death.

Here at Saint James you’ll find folks who know they don’t have all the answers, but who are seeking meaning together. We’d be more than happy to welcome you, and to invite you to join us on the journey.


In faith,

Pastor Janet 


Our Mission Statement
Saint James Presbyterian Church is a beacon on the hill where the people respond to the opportunities that God sets before us. We celebrate our rich past as we continue our journey into the future together. We worship the triune God in our beautiful, traditional sanctuary with music, prayer and learning from the word of God. We joyfully welcome youth and young families into our intergenerational and loving community of faith, nurturing relationships that bridge our differences. We are witnesses to God's presence and the grace of Jesus Christ as we address social justice issues locally and internationally through education and action. We are open and affirming, welcoming all to join us in discipleship.

Archive of Sunday Sermons during worship services

Our Sunday morning church service and sermon lessons are made available on the web for the home-bound as well as for those who are curious about the living teachings of Saint James Presbyterian Church.

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