Another Special Video from Jim!

You know Jim Gresham has been creating audio/video masterpieces for our offertories for much of 2020, along with supporting other members’ contributions with his great production. Here is a rendition of “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” that will leave you moved. (Note: the images in this video are a bit intense, so viewer discretion advised.)

A Baker’s Dozen of Christmas Playlists!

Specially curated by Kat DeVaney, these playlists will sweep you up into a variety of Christmas moods and genres. Scroll through and enjoy.

Bright (Pop) Playlist

Gather (Celtic) Playlist

Goodwill (Acoustic) Playlist

Joy (Classical) Playlist

Jubilant (Swing) Playlist

Merry (Kids, Secular) Playlist

Mystery (Kat’s hand-picked favourites, no rhyme or reason) Playlist

Naughty (Punk n’ Rock n’ Roll) Playlist

Nostalgia (Classics 1940’s to 1960’s)

Peace (Lullabies)

Soul (Gospel and Funk)

Warm (Country)

Winsome (Folk)