Habitat for Humanity/KCLT recently completed 8 new Telegraph Road townhomes – now ready for occupancy!

Season’s Greetings from St James Presbyterian Mission and Social Action Team

To brighten your day during these dark December days before Christmas, I’d like to share several greetings we’ve received from our mission partners that you, the people of St James Presbyterian, have generously supported in 2020. Thank you.

Local Missions

Whatcom Peace and Justice Center: “The core of our work is grounded in values of nonviolence and solidarity. Heading into 2021, we plan to continue orienting ourselves around principles of community care.”

Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County: 8 families are moving into Telegraph Road Townhomes! This coming year, Habitat has four more homes to build on Telegraph and one in Sudden Valley.

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Services (DVSAS): “Thank you for your support.”
Northwest Youth Services: “We have been helping unhoused youth access essential services all year and we are grateful for every way that you have ‘shown up’ for our community.”

Skookum Kids: “Your financial support repeats the sounding joy for children in need all year long.”
Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center: “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing to support us as we engage in some of the most significant and urgent challenges our community has ever faced.”

National Missions

National Farm Worker Ministry: “To come together for justice for farm workers – fighting anti-immigration policies and legislation, racism, and for fair wages, dignity and basic worker health and safety protections.”

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance: “Your gift blesses those who walk the hard road toward recovery, letting them know they are not alone.”

International – Presbyterian World Mission

Tyler, Rochelle & Mphatso Houm Family – Presbyterian World Mission, Malawi – “We are sheltering in place in Louisville, KY while working remotely. Please pray for the country of Malawi, its government, its leaders, its students and its future.”

Doug Dicks, Associate or Ecumenical Partnerships serving in Israel and Palestine: “With thanks and gratitude for your generous support of my work and ministry this past year.”

Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta, Mission co-worker serving in Indonesia: “Thank you for supporting Farsijana’s work at Duta Wacana Christian University in Yogyakarta.”

Written by Carol Dellecker, Elder

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