November 15, 2020

Making the Most of the Time We Have

Passage: Matthew 25:14–30
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Who will we be as we await the coming of the master? Will we throw in our talents with one another or will we succumb to the worry that we are not enough? The Christian community is called to lean into the work together, to contribute what they can, and to work for God's justice until the Kingdom comes.

November 15, 2020 Bulletin


CALL TO WORSHIP      Faye Hill, Lector
Lift up your eyes to the Lord—
the exalted one, who is enthroned in the heavens.
Seeking compassion, seeking grace,
we look to the Lord, the giver of mercy.
Pour into God’s temple;
draw near to the king of creation.
We worship the Lord of heaven and earth!

HYMN OF PRAISE “I Love the Lord, Who Heard My Cry” – GTG #799

CALL TO CONFESSION      Rev. Seth Thomas

Lord, you have made us
stewards of your creation
and commissioned us to carry out
your work to the best of our ability.
But we have not served you with energy,
intelligence, imagination, and love.
We withhold our gifts and live in fear.
Have mercy upon us, we pray.
Make us bold to use our talents
for the sake of your kingdom,
until you come in glory. Amen.

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