July 26, 2020

Nothing…Nothing Stops the Spirit

Passage: Romans 8:26-39
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The powers of the world want to hold us back, to stop our movement home, to stifle our imagination for a world where God reigns and all is made right. But the Holy Spirit will not let this happen. Nothing can separate us from the love of God which is calling us forward into that new day. No power of hell, no scheme of man, no might of empire: when we are called home, we are called home.

July 26, 2020 Bulletin


A tiny seed that burgeons into a majestic tree
with branches that offer shelter and shade;
or yeast, hidden within a bushel of flour,
that transforms the dough in due time:
this is what the kingdom of heaven is like.
We gather ’round Jesus—our teacher and Lord—
seeking wisdom and understanding,
longing for a foretaste of the kingdom of heaven.
Let anyone with ears to hear listen!

Lord, you search our hearts and see the places where they are hardened and resistant to your will. In this time of much upheaval and pain, we frequently turn away from those in need, seeking our own security instead of the well-being of all creation. We let petty differences separate us from one another. We allow self-interest to overwhelm your commandment to love our neighbors. We fail to see your image evident in every person.

Forgive us, we pray, and in your mercy redirect us so that we can once again walk in your ways. Amen.

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