June 14, 2020

The Voyage Home We Never Wanted

Passage: Romans 5:1-8
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We thought we could stay comfortably in Rome (in the Empire) and set up our lives there. But we are (and have always been) invited to voyage to a different home, a home outside of empire's rule, a home where we belong in God's loving arms. To voyage there, we will endure hardship, persist through pain, and strengthen the bonds of friendship as fellow travelers.

Bulletin – June 14, 2020


Call to Worship

Whether we stray like sheep
or follow faithfully,
God welcomes us here.
Whether we seek healing and wholeness,
or stand ready to extend compassion,
God welcomes us here.
Whether exhausted from journeys across rough terrain,
or renewed and refreshed,
our souls at peace,
we gather to hear the good news:
The kingdom of heaven is at hand!

Prayer of Confession

Holy God, you send us
to proclaim the good news of your kingdom
to all who are lost,
all who are afflicted,
all who are captive,
all who have been cast out. 
But we are content to proclaim
the in-breaking of your kingdom
within familiar communities
where we know others will receive this news
   with nods of agreement.
Push us beyond what is comfortable and safe,
and strengthen us for lives of compassionate service,
that we might be the laborers you call us to be.

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