May 31, 2020

Pentecost: In the Spirit

Passage: John 7:37-39
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Jesus is claiming to be the site of the outpouring of rivers of life-giving water. We are invited to come and drink and believe in him, from whom the Rivers of the Spirit will flow out. The Spirit is pouring out upon all flesh today, not through a building, not through a temple, not through a revival meeting — but through our hearts. Specifically, the hearts of those who hear the message, hearts of ones who have come to drink fully from the fountain that is Christ’s life.

Bulletin – May 31, 2020


Call to Worship

Wind of God, who awakened creation and stirred
dry bones to life-
sweep through this space and ignite our hearts.
Wind of God, who guides our ministry and equips
us for service-
sweet through this space and empower our witness.

Prayer of Confession

Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on us.
We rejoice in the gifts you have given us.
Yet, we confess, we do not always use them to
glorify you.

For using the gifts of your Spirit for selfish gain
instead of using them for the common good,
forgive us, O God.

For thinking too little of ourselves,
not trusting that you have given us gifts
for your service,
forgive us, O God

For believing some gifts to be better than others,
Ignoring how we each build up the body of Christ,
forgive us, O God.

Spirit of the Living God,
melt us, mold us,
fill us again with your power
and use us for your work
so that our lives may glorify you.

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