October 11, 2020

Who Me? I’m Invited?

Passage: Matthew 22:1-14
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October 11, 2020 Bulletin


CALL TO WORSHIP      Alice Bailey, Lector
Come, all who hunger for good news.
We thirst for words of hope and healing.
Come, from rural road and city street.
We gather at the King’s invitation.
Come, join the celebration.
Let us worship the Lord!

HYMN OF PRAISE “Rejoice, the Lord Is King!” – GTG #363

CALL TO CONFESSION      Rev. Seth Thomas

Extravagant God,
you invite us to your table in the kingdom of heaven.
But we do not take our place at the feast.
We say, “We have more important things to do,”
and turn back to labors
that threaten to consume us.
Beckon us again, we pray,
that we may respond with gratitude.
In your mercy, gather us in
that we might experience the joy of your kingdom
and taste the abundance of your grace. Amen.

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